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The 11th Anniversary of BOM

October 18th, 2016 was BOM’s 11 years old birthday. The company lighted up the celebration with continuous firecrackers. The opening celebration speech was carried out by the General Manager Mao Ziling. Mr. Mao expressed his congratulations for the celebration first and and then gave positive affirmation to the prosperous development of company. He firmly believed that through the persistent efforts of all staff, BOM will go higher and farther in the future. After speech, all the members were divided into four group, which were before grinding team, after grinding team, assembly team and office team. Then around 8 o'clock, the teams were heading towards Xianglu Mountain to celebrate the festival by a series of interesting outdoor game and competitions.

The first competition was team climbing. It started at 8:40 and finished with the last team member arrived at the top of Xianglu Moutain. The game showed the importance of teamwork which could be reflected in the daily work. Each department should help each other and work as a team to reach the win-win situation. Eventually the after grinding team won the first place with a score of 22 minutes.

Then we played a game called the Great Wall Never Fall after the lunch. Each team was rounded up to a circle, and the former person should sit on the next person's legs under the team leaders' instructions. To win the game, it required the team members to trust each other, have team honor and personal perseverance as well as follow up to the leaders' instructions. During the game, the team members encouraged each others to stick to the end and not to give up, which fully reflected the BOM spirit. Finally, the before grinding team won the game with 4 seconds weak advantage.

The next game was called Tug of War. Coin flipping decided the positions of the two parties and the rule was two out of three. The after grinding team won the game with a great advantage. Followed by the third game called We Got You. At first all the competitors thought the game was too difficult while the results turned out to be surprisingly good. The team leaders need to throw water polo with a 7 meters distance from their team, and the rest 9 team members had to catch the water polo with a 1.5m * 1.5m cloth in a specified position. The challenge of the game was either the thrower could not aim the cloth or the catcher could not catch the polo precisely. In the end, the before grinding team won the championship with only one missing catch. The potential of each person is infinite, especially the strength of a team. If a person's ability is limited, then a team's ability is beyond imagination.

Around 3:30 pm, we went back to the company in an enjoyable and laughter atmosphere. The staff canteen had already prepared a feast awaiting for everyone. The company Chairman Mr. Wang Xunwu rushed back from Beijing and shared with the staff about the company's future planning and development. The staff had also expressed a great confidence in the company and a strong sense of pride. During the dinner, the Chairman and the leadership of the company toasted together with the staff to thank everyone for one year's hardworking, and also sent red pockets by We-chat to everyone to spread the happiness. The 11th anniversary was full of surprise and happiness. We firmly believed that BOM will have a greater and brighter future. Let us all look forward to more excitements in next year's celebration.

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